How many people own 1 btc reddit

how many people own 1 btc reddit

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How many people own 1 btc reddit Save bitcoin wallet
Coinbase sent litecoin to bitcoin address Upcoming Events. According to the website BuyBitcoinWorldwide. Therefore, it is factually impossible to know how many people own 1 BTC. Mon - Wed, March 18 - 20, Vinicius Barbosa Cryptocurrency Oct 20, However, this capital is concentrated in an even smaller number of people who own 1 Bitcoin or more. Blockworks Daily.
Best crypto market scanner Share on social media. It must be stressed that those stats are somewhat skewed considering how much BTC resides within crypto exchange addresses � which mostly represent aggregate user holdings. Blockworks Daily. Get Started. These addresses own around Vinicius Barbosa Cryptocurrency Oct 20,
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How Many People Own 1 Bitcoin? This Is SHOCKING
You should each take control of your own stash. Bitcoin is divisible into million Sats. Each of you guys hold your own coin and you can keep. There are 8 billion people in the world, today. It is mathematically impossible each person alive could own 1 BTC at the same time. If each. or people who HODL doesn't tell you how much they have ;). Reply ITT, people outing that they have at least 1 BTC. Reply reply. Share.
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