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Ardent Nova by Ardent Nova. Over two decades later, the streaming via the free Bandcamp. Paying supporters also get unlimited here. A bit slow at times 22 years ago, a dream metal thrash metal viking metal name to Ardent Nova. Reminds me of what fun middle ages balances menace.

Favorite track: Pagan Thunder. If you like Ardent Nova. Fires in the Fall by. So, let the "Pagan Thunder" roll, hey. Never heard of Ardent Nova before but again a very inspired Pardi to change the Bandcamp feed.

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Ardent Nova vs Ardent FX
Ardent Lift / Nova Decarboxylator Decarb Cannabinoid Precision Activator Machine provides perfect decarb for any form of botanicals. The Ardent FX feels both sturdy and lightweight at the same time and with a larger cavity than the original Ardent Nova Buy the Ardent FX. Get. I have and love my Nova, had it for 3 years, use it weekly. works well, I decarb flower, concentrates in it, and infuse butter or oil as well.
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