Blockchain for healthcare supply chain

blockchain for healthcare supply chain

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Using blockchain to prevent counterfeit drugs in Kenya
A supply chain (SC) is a network of interests, information, and materials involved in processes that produce value for customers. Blockchain in healthcare is used for everything from securing patient data to managing the pharmaceutical supply chain. Blockchain provides decentralized, reliable, and secure network through which we can transfer health care products between manufacturer and.
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Fariba Goodarzian et al. In this comparison, we consider users group in the first round, in the second round we form users as a group, and in the last round, and users group is taken to evaluate the performance. Coral Health also implements smart contracts between patients and healthcare professionals to ensure data and treatments are accurate. In this paper author mainly identifies various applications of blockchain, remote patient monitoring, sharing electronic health records, and drugs using the supply chain. Akiri operates a network-as-a-service optimized specifically for the healthcare industry, helping protect transportation of patient health data.